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Mon,  Wed,  Fri:    9am - 6pm
Tues & Thurs:       9am - 7pm
Saturday:              9am - 1pm
Sunday: closed

Volunteering and Donations


Are you a detail-oriented person who would be willing and able to volunteer some of your time to help out the library?  If so, we'd love to hear from you!  Whether you can help out for an hour a week or an hour a year, we are always in need of helping hands -- and we rely on our volunteers to help us keep our shelves organized and things running smoothly!  If you're interested in learning more about the volunteer opportunities we currently have available, please call Rebecca at 684-2116 or email  Hope to hear from you soon!


The library is grateful for help with donations of books or money!  Money donations will  be used to buy new books, equipment, or furniture for the library, unless otherwise specified.  Used books that are donated might be added to the collection if found to meet Collection Development guidelines, or they might be sold at a Friends of the Library Used Book Sale.  The official policy, found in Appendix D, of the library is:

Gifts, donations, memorials and honorariums

  • The library director or board of trustees reserve the right to accept or reject any/all gifts and donations or dispose of any gifts or donations in line with the library policies.

  • All items donated to the library become the property of the library.

  • In compliance with IRS regulations, the library director cannot appraise any donated materials but may issue a statement acknowledging receipt of gifts or donations.

  • A written statement will be sent to the donor to acknowledge all monetary donations.

  • If a benefit is provided to the donor, the statement will acknowledge the benefit, give a good faith estimate of the benefit and advise the donor that only the amount of the contribution which exceeds the value of the return benefit my be considered as a donation.