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Saturday:              9am - 1pm
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Board of Directors

The Board of Trustees meets on the third Monday of each month at 6:00 pm to review library policies and monitor operations.

Representing the community, there are five members who are elected to overlapping terms each May.  The Trustees serve according to Wisconsin State Statutes.   They may be contacted in care of the library.

As of 2017,  members and officers are:

President:   Joni Wernlund
Vice President:   Joan Heebink
Secretary and School Liasion:   Jason Glampe
Treasurer:  Claire Stein
Director at Large:   Rochel Karlson

If you are interested in serving on the Board in the case of openings, you may print out this application and return to the library desk:

Library Mission Statement

          We believe in the freedom to read, to learn, to discover and share ideas.
          We provide free and equal access to books, programs, electronic media, and other resources
                 as well as professional guidance in finding and using them.

We offer cultural and educational experiences through opportunities for lifelong learning, spaces
        to connect and engage, and by fostering a love of reading and commitment to literacy.

          As our town grows and changes we will continue to enrich the quality of life here by
                maintaining a community center that is a vibrant and welcoming place.



The volunteer library Board of Trustees members are appointed by the Baldwin Village Board for a term of three years.  They attend regularly scheduled monthly meetings at the library.

Trustees work with the Library Director to: determine policies; set goals and objectives; prepare and approve the yearly budget; approve expenditures of library monies and participate in the yearly evaluation of the Library Director.  They must support and be guided by the Mission Statement.  In cooperation with other public officials and boards they work to maintain public relations.  Trustees must live within the Village of Baldwin limits OR in a Town adjacent to the Village.


What experience, knowledge or skills are you willing to share as a Trustee?     (Check all that apply)

____ Chair meetings or serve as Secretary or Treasurer for meetings

____ Help with occasional special events

____ Write grant proposals or help with research for projects

____ Special skills/interests I am willing to share___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Why do you want to be on the Board of Trustees?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



What role do you believe libraries play in society, and how do you see this in the future?  _________________________________________________________________________________________





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