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Mon,  Wed,  Fri:    9am - 6pm
Tues & Thurs:       9am - 7pm
Saturday:              9am - 1pm
Sunday: closed

Copier, Fax, Lamination Services

 Services Available at Library

Public-use copy machine

         It is for black-and-white copies, at 10 cents per copy.

Color Copies

         We can help you make color copies on our new copier.  We charge 25 cents per page.


        We have a scanner set up for the public to use, which can scan your documents and e-mail them or save them to a portable drive, useful for attaching resumes to online applications, sending documentation to agencies, etc.


           We can send a fax of up to ten pages per phone number for you for $1.00, 25 cents per page after that.


       We also have lamination services available for covering temporary license plates, health insurance cards, etc.   We charge $2.00 for laminating license plates and $ .50 for the smaller items.

Power Point Projector

          This may be borrowed for 3 days with a deposit.