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Kids' Programs


Summer Reading program at the library:

Tons of research shows that you can stop the "Summer Slide of School Skills" by having your child read over the summer.  It's the time to read for fun!    To help you, we have a program with fun ways to read and track progress, and lots of fun events that emphasize creative learning too.

Start reading for fun this summer on June 15, when you can get your reading log and activity sheets here.    Each week turn in your sheet and get a prize, and do an activity on the table.  The tables will change every Monday.  See you then!

Along with tracking your reading, our exciting Summer Reading Program for 2015:  "Every Hero Has a Story" has many special events planned as well.   

Here is the schedule at this time, with more details below (watch for possible changes due to performers' schedules):

Every Week:  Do fun reading, bring your sheet in and get a prize, do an activity on the table (changes every Monday)

June 16    Tue.     10:30 am-           “Police Are Our Community Heroes”, and ice cream, kickoff

June 23    Tue.     6:30 pm               Bedtime Storytime, pre-schoolers (wear PJs if you want, about 30 mins.)

June 25    Thur.     1:30 pm –           Jim Lenz, Magic and Science Guy – “Find the Superhero in You”

June 30   Tue.       6:30 pm -            Bedtime Storytime for Preschoolers (30 mins, wear PJs if you want)

July 7        Tue.     6:30 pm -           The Tarantula “Spider-Man”

July 9        Thur.     1:30 pm -          “Sword in the Stone” play about Merlin’s magical powers, fabled King Arthur, and a young man finding his strength

July 13     Mon.    10:30 am -           Some ambulance and firefighter friends will visit to show us how they save the day!   We will get to look at their trucks, and more.

July 14     Tue.       6:30 pm             Bedtime Storytime, pre-schoolers (30 mins, wear PJs if you want)

July 21     Tue.     10:00 am -           Storytime:  Children of the World, for Pre-schoolers (about 30 mins).       

July 22     Wed.      1:00 pm -          “Monarch Butterfly Heroes” (see their amazing powers, learn how you can be a hero and save them)

July 28     Tue.       6:00 pm             Hot Young Adult book/movie discussion on Paper Towns (by author of Fault in our Stars), movie out 7/24

July 28     Tue.       6:30 pm -           Bedtime Storytime for pre-schoolers (30 mins., wear PJs if you want)

July 29    Wed.     10:30 am -          Superhero Crafts and Games! (Different stations of fun activities on being a superhero!)

Aug. 4     Tue.        5:00 pm-            Closing Picnic, Pete the Cat will visit!   Dress as a superhero if you want, get final prizes, ride horse and take picture! 

Aug. 13   Thur.      6:30 pm -            American Idol Singing Pop Star night for older youth (we have Playstation 2 console and video games, mikes, etc.)




Aug. 4 -  Closing Picnic   5:00 or as soon after as you can make it

Superhero Picnic at Library Tuesday to end Summer Reading


        Bring the family for a free picnic outside on Tuesday, Aug 4th at 5:00pm or as soon after as you can make it.   This event will close our Summer Reading Program for younger kids, so there will be many exciting things happening.  Free food and drink will be provided, prizes will be drawn, and Pete the Cat will make an appearance!   A real cowboy will sing cowboy songs as you eat and then kids can get a picture sitting on his real horse!   There is also an option of dressing as any superhero or community hero if you want, maybe using capes or masks you have made at our previous events or activity tables.  Don’t feel any pressure to do this; we can have some materials here for a quick mask too.    Bring chairs or blankets if you want as we will try to eat outside (on east side of building where there is shade).   We hope you can join us!    The library, at 400 Cedar St., is an accessible space.   715-684-3813

 5:00, outside on our lawn if weather is permitting, or inside the Village Meeting room if heavy rain.  Bring blanket or chairs if you'd like.


Always wanted to be a rock star?   Older kids and teens,  show your inner Rock Star at Karaoke at the library Thursday Aug. 13th, from 6L30 until about 8pm.    Come compete in an American-Idol-type video game competition, suggested for kids age 10 and above.  We have the video game, microphones, and lyrics on a screen. The computer will judge your performance! 

 Bring friends to compete with for being The Voice of Baldwin-Woodville!   Snacks will be provided.  

 We hope you can join us!    The library, at 400 Cedar St., is an accessible space.   715-684-3813




Ongoing Activity Tables

We invite you to notice the table at the front of the library when you come in for ongoing activities that kids can participate in, usually involving some kind of creativity or exploration.  New research shows again how important creative play is for building children's brains and getting them ready for literacy skills and school readiness.  Some activities can be enjoyed by older kids as well, such as our recent table:  Build You Own Robot or Superhero or Alien out of Recyclables!    Kids loved that project, and no special materials were needed.  Another smaller table in the children's area has activities for younger children, such as making your own bookmark.  Activities are usually rotated after a few weeks, so come check them out!     


Fun Day Bags

Looking for some entertainment for a day at home with your younger kids?  Is it a No-School day and you are out of new ideas for keeping them busy?  We’ve put together a collection of special red bags called Fun Day bags for you to check out for up to three weeks.  Each collection has about 5 books, a DVD, and a fun music CD around a certain theme (trucks, princesses, farms, dogs, dance, etc.).  Themes will be rotated.  (Please check these bags out at the circulation desk rather than self-check so we can change the due dates on the DVD.)  If you let us know you like the Fun Day bags we might offer customized bags in the future where you can request a certain theme ahead of time. 


kids reading1000 Books Before Kindergarten

The library has a new program called 1000 Books B4 Kindergarten.  Join this nationwide movement to promote early literacy by reading regularly to your baby or toddler. Research shows that it’s never too early to start them loving books and it benefits them for the rest of their life.

If the goal sounds high, think of it this way::  Read 1 book a day for 3 years = 1095, read 10 books a week for 2 years = 1040, Read 3 books a day for 1 year = 1095.  Register at the library and get your tracking sheets and more information.   Reading a same favorite book over again counts!  So does Storytime!  Books Grandpa reads with them count too, as does the babysitter's sessions.

When you read a book with your child, color in a circle on the balloon chart.  After every 100 sheet is filled, bring it to the library and a balloon with your child’s name will go up on our blue sky chart.   At the end, your child will get their photo tkaen for the newspaper and website, a certificate of accomplishment, and a free book!   The best prize is a better life for your child!   Info: 715-684-3813.



Storytime:      (Storytime has ended for the school year.  It will resume in September.  Please join us for Summer Reading program soon!)

Strengthen your child’s early literacy skills, and just have fun!

(Note: If BW schools are cancelled due to weather, there will be no Storytime.  If school is delayed two hours on a Tuesday, there will still be the Toddler class at 10:30 and the evening class at 6:30pm.  All ages are welcome at one of those other classes instead.)


School-year Storytime at Baldwin Library:    

We love to have kids spending time at our library!  We hold Storytime sessions for children aged Pre-school,  Toddlers, and Lap-sit.   Registration is not required, just come as you like!   There is never any obligation for regular attendance, come on the days you can.

Classes are at different times depending on the child’s age.   The pre-school classes are for children ages 3-5, involving stories, songs, crafts, plays, etc. for about 45 minutes (with no parent in the room). The sessions are offered at 9:30 am or 6:30pm on Tuesdays. Younger children can attend the Lap-sit program at 9:45am (for up to age 24 months, with adult attending) or the Toddler program at 10:30am (for 2- to 3-year-olds, with adult attending). Please note: Though the library does not officially open on Tuesdays until 10:00am, the door will open at 9:30 to accommodate Storytime families.


The Lap-sit program lasts for about 20 minutes, and is designed to introduce infants to the wonders of books and the library. A very simple story with lots of actions will be read, and children will be invited to participate if they are able in simple songs and finger plays. Children too young to participate will enjoy sitting on the parent's lap and watching and hearing the festivities. It's never too soon to expose kids to books, as considerable research shows the benefits later in their school and working years.


The Toddler program will last about 30 minutes and involves a couple of stories, sing-along songs, puppets, and other activities designed to create a love of reading and the growth of creativity. One adult is required to be in the room and is encouraged to participate with the child as you see fit.

Parents of 2-year-olds can choose either the Lap-sit or Toddler session, depending on their child's readiness.  Parents of 3-year-olds can choose either Toddler or Pre-school depending on their child’s comfort level, whether they would be better with older or younger children, and whether they would like the parent in the room or not.

Accommodations can be made to bring younger or older children along to a particular session if a family has multiple children participating.

 For questions, call  Bonnie or Rebecca at 684-3813. We hope to see you here!