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Kids' Programs

 Preschool Music and Movement -  Last one is April 29 at 10am.

We're having too much fun to quit now!  Our special new program will continue a few more weeks (not through the summer).  On 4 Fridays in April we will have Preschool Music and Movement sessions with Miss Erica at 10:00am.  Kids will try different easy musical instruments, march and dance around the room, and do fun exercises and games.  If your kids have been climbing the furniture these cold weeks, let them come jump around here!    Accompanying adults can relax with a magazine in our comfy lounge area by the windows.  Or plug in your laptop to our Wifi network and catch up!   Or if you want a good book, we have a few...

Storytime Notice

Our last session for the schoolyear will be Tuesday May 3rd, all ages joining together at either 10am or 6:30pm to celebrate Mothers' Day (dads and grandpas are, of course, welcome as always!)


Summer Reading Registration at Baldwin Library begins June 1 - see schedule below

Come by any time after June 1st to pick up your materials for the Summer Reading Program, fun for kids and helpful in maintaining school skills.  We will have reading logs or activity sheets for tracking your children's reading and other learning activities, and each week when they turn one in they will get a small prize (reading itself is the biggest prize!).  We will also have a list of all the special events and guest performers scheduled, and a craft project to get you started on the weekly fun.  Children of any age are welcome to participate in Summer Reading, and you may choose what you participate in, one thing or many.  The theme this year is "On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!" and some of the events will center on fitness education or fun things like dancing or a nature hike.   Below is the list of events we currently have arranged (final information will be available at registration in a take-home sheet, all events subject to change given performer emergencies).

Pint-sized Polka Event!   -  Wed. June 8, 10:30am

 Kids, come bop around to a special guest all the way from Milwaukee, Mike Schneider and his accordion!  Mike takes traditional polka tunes that are our tradition in Wis-consin and turns the words into songs for children.  His program is designed for pre-school kids but all ages are welcome. Last time he was here whole families had fun trying to polka!  You can just listen and tap your feet if you don't want to dance   :-)  

"Remarkable Reptiles" event - Thursday June 16, 6:30pm
Want to pet lizards, see snakes, and get your picture taken holding a python?  This event is for you!  Don't worry, you can just sit back and watch if you don't want to touch :-)  Learn about these amazing creatures as part of our Summer Reading Program 2016.  


Boogie in the Barnyard !    event - Wed. June 22, 1:00

Kids, come listen and maybe dance to a singing chicken!   You'll laugh at all the silly songs about chickens and other barnyard animals.  Also learn how to draw a chicken from an author of children's books.  John Diggleby comes all the way from Madison to perform for us.  Join us in shaking our tailfeathers!  


Summer Reading: Tree Fun -  Wed. June 29, 1:00 - guest Debby Walters

Debby will lead us on a hike around the library lawn with a cool chart to identify trees.   She has a fun game for us to play too!    Deb works at the School Forest and will tell us about that because we are going there next week!   This event is part of our Summer Reading 2016 Fitness theme.    Hiking and looking at trees is a fun way of staying fit !


Story Hour at the School Forest – Wed. July 6, 1:00

We have an exciting field trip planned.   We'll meet at the school forest (details later) and hear some stories there.  Then we'll use homemade binoculars to search for birds in the trees, and do more fun stuff!   Miss Debby will meet us there and help us enjoy this great local resource, the School Forest!


Summer Reading Fitness Fun –   Wed. July 13, 1:00 

We will have a little fun fitness training and  games for kids, led by staff from the Baldwin Area Medical Center.   No pressure, just fun!    This fits into our theme for Summer Reading this year:  "On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!"     Wear comfortable clothes but don't worry about your fitness level  :-)



Obstacle Course and Bounce House!  -   Monday, July 18th,  from 6-7 pm.

Come try our blow-up obstacle course or jump to your hearts’ content!  This free carnival-like opportunity fits in with our Fitness theme for Summer Reading.  Treats will be available.


FREE POOL PARTY- Tues. July 26, 5-7pm 

The Baldwin and Woodville Libraries have reserved the public pool (behind the older part of the high school) for library kids to have fun tonight!  There is no cost, as the libraries are picking that up.  There will some snacks available too. There will be a lifeguard on duty.  Come any time between 5 and 7pm. See the school website under the Community section for more info and rules about the pool.   (


Face Painting and Fun with the Princesses!  -  Wed. July 27,  1:00

The Baldwin Court will share some members with us to do a bunch of fun craft projects, face painting, and stories. 


CLOSING PICNIC – Thursday, August 4, any time between 5 and 7pm.

We'll provide food and drink, choice of shade of sun, and music from a live band.  Some characters might show up too! We'll close Summer Reading by drawing for prizes for all
the great readers, too.



 Are your kids interested in things like Robotics?   Do they like to create, figure things out?  

Check out our new program called Imaginators!  It's a monthly series of fun hands-on workshops for kids who like to build, create, figure things out, be messy, imagine, or just have fun!    All are welcome, but projects will be designed for around 4th - 8th graders.  Usually held on the last Tuesday of every month from 3:45 - 5:00 (kids can get there by taking bus 9 from BW schools with permission slip from home that morning and be picked up later).                                

Co-sponsored by 4H/UW Extension, a 4H leader will demonstrate the different projects and guide kids as they go.   All materials are supplied for free, and the library will provide a snack. Everyone is welcome, and you can come just once or every time.  Call the library if you have questions:  715-684-3813 and ask for Rebecca.                                    

Parents- the projects are totally fun for kids, but will also involve learning about science and math principles in coordination with the STEM emphasis in schools today (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), important for preparing kids for jobs in future years.

Tentative schedule of themes is:    

Sept. 22 -     Rollercoaster and Ski jumps (Note - this first one is NOT on the last Tuesday of the month)

Oct. 27 -      Bubbles Blast!

Nov. 24-      Lego Engineering

Dec.  29 -    Let it Snow, let it snow

Jan. 26 -      Robotics Challenge

Feb. 23-     Skyscrapers and Bridges

Mar. 29 -    Fun with Food

Apr. 26 -    Sink or Swim (postponed until May 3rd due to illness)

May - there will be NO Imaginators on the last Tuesday, only ths make-up April one on May 3rd)

June 28-     Rocket to the Moon

July 26-     Robotics Challenge

Aug 30 -    Not Just Cows and Plows


NOTE:  If Tuesdays nights does not work for your family, try the similar program at the Hammond Library on the last Thursday of the month at 6:30pm.



 All are welcome to this fun socialization opportunity for home-schooled kids.  Bring any board games that you have, and your family.  We will have some games available here too.   It should be great fun!

We meet at the Baldwin Library on the first Wednesday of each month from 9:00 am until about 11:00am (library is not open at this time but the door will be open for this event).   As we see how attendance goes, we will be open to adjusting the date or time as folks want.


Ongoing Activity Tables

We invite you to notice the table at the front of the library when you come in for ongoing activities that kids can participate in, usually involving some kind of creativity or exploration.  New research shows again how important creative play is for building children's brains and getting them ready for literacy skills and school readiness.  Some activities can be enjoyed by older kids as well, such as our recent table:  Build You Own Robot or Superhero or Alien out of Recyclables!    Kids loved that project, and no special materials were needed.  Another smaller table in the children's area has activities for younger children, such as making your own bookmark.  Activities are usually rotated after a few weeks, so come check them out!     


Fun Day Bags

Looking for some entertainment for a day at home with your younger kids?  Is it a No-School day and you are out of new ideas for keeping them busy?  We’ve put together a collection of special red bags called Fun Day bags for you to check out for up to three weeks.  Each collection has about 5 books, a DVD, and a fun music CD around a certain theme (trucks, princesses, farms, dogs, dance, etc.).  Themes will be rotated.  (Please check these bags out at the circulation desk rather than self-check so we can change the due dates on the DVD.)  If you let us know you like the Fun Day bags we might offer customized bags in the future where you can request a certain theme ahead of time. 


kids reading1000 Books Before Kindergarten

The library has a new program called 1000 Books B4 Kindergarten.  Join this nationwide movement to promote early literacy by reading regularly to your baby or toddler. Research shows that it’s never too early to start them loving books and it benefits them for the rest of their life.

If the goal sounds high, think of it this way::  Read 1 book a day for 3 years = 1095, read 10 books a week for 2 years = 1040, Read 3 books a day for 1 year = 1095.  Register at the library and get your tracking sheets and more information.   Reading a same favorite book over again counts!  So does Storytime!  Books Grandpa reads with them count too, as does the babysitter's sessions.

When you read a book with your child, color in a circle on the balloon chart.  After every 100 sheet is filled, bring it to the library and a balloon with your child’s name will go up on our blue sky chart.   At the end, your child will get their photo tkaen for the newspaper and website, a certificate of accomplishment, and a free book!   The best prize is a better life for your child!   Info: 715-684-3813.




Strengthen your child’s early literacy skills, and just have fun!

(Note: If BW schools are cancelled due to weather, there will be no Storytime.  If school is delayed two hours on a Tuesday, there will still be the Toddler class at 10:30 and the evening class at 6:30pm.  All ages are welcome at one of those other classes instead.)


School-year Storytime at Baldwin Library:    

We love to have kids spending time at our library!  We hold Storytime sessions for children aged Pre-school,  Toddlers, and Lap-sit.   Registration is not required, just come as you like!   There is never any obligation for regular attendance, come on the days you can.

Classes are at different times depending on the child’s age.   The pre-school classes are for children ages 3-5, involving stories, songs, crafts, plays, etc. for about 45 minutes (with no parent in the room). The sessions are offered at 9:30 am or 6:30pm on Tuesdays. Younger children can attend the Lap-sit program at 9:45am (for up to age 24 months, with adult attending) or the Toddler program at 10:30am (for 2- to 3-year-olds, with adult attending). Please note: Though the library does not officially open on Tuesdays until 10:00am, the door will open at 9:30 to accommodate Storytime families.


The Lap-sit program lasts for about 20 minutes, and is designed to introduce infants to the wonders of books and the library. A very simple story with lots of actions will be read, and children will be invited to participate if they are able in simple songs and finger plays. Children too young to participate will enjoy sitting on the parent's lap and watching and hearing the festivities. It's never too soon to expose kids to books, as considerable research shows the benefits later in their school and working years.


The Toddler program will last about 30 minutes and involves a couple of stories, sing-along songs, puppets, and other activities designed to create a love of reading and the growth of creativity. One adult is required to be in the room and is encouraged to participate with the child as you see fit.

Parents of 2-year-olds can choose either the Lap-sit or Toddler session, depending on their child's readiness.  Parents of 3-year-olds can choose either Toddler or Pre-school depending on their child’s comfort level, whether they would be better with older or younger children, and whether they would like the parent in the room or not.

Accommodations can be made to bring younger or older children along to a particular session if a family has multiple children participating.

 For questions, call  Bonnie or Rebecca at 684-3813. We hope to see you here!