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General Programs

 Pickle Ball lessons!!    (for anyone age 10 into adult)    -  **Please call to sign up for a spot**

Get involved with this hot new sport this summer with free lessons from the B-Woodville Pickleball Club!  Rackets and balls will be provided.  There will be 2 sessions, enough to get you going for a summer of fun with your friends and family.  We’ll meet at the Baldwin tennis courts (at Millpond Park) on Monday June 20 and Monday June 27 at 6:30pm.  If it is raining for the first lesson we’ll meet the next week instead.  Give it a try!  Bring some friends if you want.  Pickleball combines bits of ping pong, badminton, and tennis. 

"What is it Worth?": Antique Appraisal with Mark Moran- Back by Popular Demand! -  Friday, June 24, from 4-7pm (a time slot must be reserved, call library to sign up!).  The event is free; a free-will offering jar will be available to help cut the library's expenses. Details and rules:

 Join us for an antiques and collectibles appraisal event featuring author and antiques expert Mark F. Moran of Iola, Wis., on Friday, June 24, time slots available between 4:00 and 7:00 pm.  YOU MUST SIGN UP!   Call the library at 715-684-3813 to reserve a spot.  You will be given a one-hour slot, but 15 people will be included in each hour, so your portion will be only 4 minutes.  Please keep that in mind when choosing item (s) to bring. People have enjoyed listening to others’ appraisals in their time period in the past, as Mark is very interesting and tells the stories of the items.

 Formerly senior editor of Antiques and Collectibles Books for Krause Publications in Iola, Wis., Mark has also been a contributing editor for Antique Trader magazine. He has served as editor of Antique Review East magazine; as producer of Atlantique City, an antique show held in Atlantic City, N.J.; and as editorial director of F+W Media's Antiques Group.

He is the author or co-author of more than 25 books on antiques and collectibles, including three editions of the 800-page annual Warman's Antiques & Collectibles.

Moran bought and sold antiques for more than 30 years, specializing in vintage folk art, Americana, and fine art. He has been active as an appraiser of antiques and fine art for more than 20 years.

 Moran is also available to make home visits for people with big things, or fragile things (or a lot of things). House calls are $75 an hour and there is no mileage charge if within 10 miles of the appraisal event site. To arrange, call 715-281-5060 or email

 Categories of objects for appraisal may include:

 Fine art, including paintings, drawings, prints and statuary.

Furniture (usually smaller pieces are best).

Ceramics, including figural pottery, vases, dishes, kitchenware and stoneware.

Glassware, including lighting, marbles and souvenir items.

Vintage photographs, including snapshots, tintypes, ambrotypes and daguerreotypes.

Advertising, including posters,  lithographed tin, paper and figural objects.

Folk art, including carvings, quilts, weathervanes, windmill weights and "outsider" art.

Assorted toys, including dolls (bisque, composition and plastic), windups and mechanical banks.

Metalware, including iron, bronze, brass, pot metal, silver, silver plate.

Clocks, including mantel, hanging and figural.

Costume jewelry, including brooches, bracelets, earrings.

Musical Instruments, including string, wind and reed instruments.


Sports Memorabilia. 

 Excluded items: all weapons, including swords and knives (though folding knives with advertising are accepted); traps (like leg-hold); Nazi memorabilia; coins and paper money; fine jewelry, including precious gems; Beanie Babies.

 Questions about objects not covered here can be submitted to Moran in advance to determine if they are appropriate. Suggested categories for advance inquiry include, but are not limited to: Oriental, Native American and other tribal objects (African, Oceanic); ancient artifacts (Egyptian and other early cultures); fossils and minerals; automotive items; nautical and military-related objects; sports memorabilia (including baseball cards); records; antique tools and technological objects (typewriters, cameras, assorted machinery or instruments for scientific measure, like sextants, telescopes, microscopes, etc.). When in doubt, email inquiry can often address this.

 Opinions of value are informal, and may not be used for insurance or charitable donations, which require a certified appraisal.

 Moran's books include:

Antique Trader Guide to Oriental Antiques

Antique Trader Furniture Price Guide

Antique Trader Clock Guide

Antique Trader Guide to Metalware

Antique Trader Vintage Salt & Peppershakers

Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles, 43rd Edition, 2010

Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles, 44th Edition, 2011

Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles, 45th Edition, 2012

Warman's Fenton Glass: Identification and Price Guide

Warman's Fenton Glass, Vol. 2

Warman's Guide to Majolica Pottery

Warman's Arts and Crafts Furniture

Warman's Country Antiques

Warman's Fiesta Ware: Identification and Price Guide

Warman's Companion, Fiesta Ware

Warman's Gas Station Collectibles

Warman's McCoy Pottery: Identification and Price Guide

Warman's Companion, McCoy Pottery

Warman's McCoy Pottery, Vol. 2

Warman's Red Wing Pottery: Identification and Price Guide

Warman's Roseville Pottery: Identification and Price Guide

Warman’s Guide to Vintage Cookie Jars

Warman’s Guide to Lalique Glass

Warman’s Guide to Tobacco Antiques and Collectibles

Warman’s Guide to Sterling Flatware

Warman’s Guide to Dolls, Vintage to Modern 


For more information, contact:

Mark F. Moran Appraisals of Antiques & Fine Art

N7326 Maple Ridge Trail

Iola, Wis. 54945


 Visit Moran's website at 


  Interested in things like Robotics??  

Check out our new program called Imaginators!  It's a monthly series of fun hands-on workshops for kids who like to build, create, figure things out, be messy, imagine, or just have fun!    All are welcome, but projects will be designed for around 4th - 8th graders.  Usually held on the last Tuesday of every month from 3:45 - 5:00 (kids can get there by taking bus 9 from BW schools with permission slip from home that morning and be picked up later).                                

Co-sponsored by 4H/UW Extension, a 4H leader will demonstrate the different projects and guide kids as they go.   All materials are supplied for free, and the library will provide a snack. Everyone is welcome, and you can come just once or every time.  Call the library if you have questions:  715-684-3813 and ask for Rebecca.                                    

Parents- the projects are totally fun for kids, but will also involve learning about science and math principles in coordination with the STEM emphasis in schools today (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), important for preparing kids for jobs in future years.

Tentative schedule of themes is:    

Sept. 22 -     Rollercoaster and Ski jumps  (Note - this first one is NOT on the last Tuesday of the month)

Oct. 27 - Bubbles Blast!

Nov. 24- Lego Engineering

Dec.  29 -    Let it Snow, let it snow  (wear outside clothes!)

Jan. 26 -  Robotics Challenge

Feb. 23- Skyscrapers and Bridges

Mar. 29 -  Fun with Food

Apr. 26 -  Sink or Swim

June 28-    Rocket to the Moon

July 26-     Robotics Challenge

Aug 30 -  Not Just Cows and Plows

Note;  If Tuesday nights don't work for your family, try the Thursday night program at the Hammond Library.



 All are welcome to this fun socialization opportunity for home-schooled kids.  Bring any board games that you have, and your family.  We will have some games available here too.   It should be great fun!

We meet at the Baldwin Library on the first Wednesday of each month from 9:00 am until about 11:00am (library is not open at this time but the door will be open for this event).   As we see how attendance goes, we will be open to adjusting the date or time as folks want.


Lucky Day DVD copies

We have started a new program to help a little with the wait times for popular DVDs.  The MORE system has given permission for libraries to start a Lucky Day collection if
they want to, where they can buy an extra copy of a few really hot movies to keep in their library, only for their local patrons to check out.  The first copy must be available to
the whole system for circulating among everyone on the Holds List, but the second copy can be kept on the Luck day shelf at our library for whoever walks in to find them there!  You can only keep the DVD for 3 days, however, and no Holds can be placed on these copies as the purpose is to keep the movie moving among all the people who want it.  Right now we can only afford to buy a few movies at a time, but they are good ones, so check this shelf out next time you are in the library.  It might be your lucky day!


1000 Books before Kindergarten

The library has a new program this year called 1000 Books B4K.  Join this nationwide movement to promote early literacy by reading regularly to your baby or toddler. Research shows that it’s never too early to start them loving books and it benefits them for the rest of their life. If the goal sounds high, think of it this way::  Read 1 book a day for 3 years = 1095, read 10 books a week for 2 years = 1040, Read 3 books a day for 1 year = 1095.  Register at the library and get your tracking sheets and more information.   Reading a same favorite book counts!  So does Storytime! When you read a book with your child, color in a circle on the balloon chart.  After every 100 sheet is filled, bring it to the library and a balloon with your child’s name will go up on our blue sky chart.  Prizes will be given at various intervals, but the best prize is a better life for your child!   Info: 715-684-3813.

History Nights at the Library

Members of the Baldwin Area Historical Society will be at the library on the second Thursday of every month from 5-7pm to meet with any interested people about any topic of your choice.  Come anytime during that period and ask questions about searching for family history or history of a building in town, look at old photos and help identify them, learn about the new microfilm reader and how to find anything from old Baldwin Bulletin newspapers, learn about the 1940 census records newly opened to the public, etc.   Bring an item, a question, or just come and talk about history with others who love it too!   For more information call Leila at: 715-222-9485

Job Searching help from WI Workforce, they come to you!

On the third Thursday of each month, a Job Center expert come to the library to meet with anyone interested in job searching ideas, how to look online for jobs, how to type up a resume or check the one you have, interviewing tips,  etc.  If this time does not work for you, call toll-free to Aracely (emphasis on the “Cel”) at 888-258-9966 to make an appointment. You no longer need to get to a state workforce site, they are coming out to the local libraries to meet people now!

New Microfilm Scanner makes reading local history much easier

Through the generous donation of an anonymous local couple’s estate, and the hard work of the Friends of the Baldwin Library, we are pleased to announce we have purchased a ScanPro 3000 for our history room.  It does amazing things and should make it much easier for anyone to research their family history or the history of the area.  The system reads our collection of microfilm containing over 100 years of the Baldwin Bulletin newspaper and transfers it to a digital view on a big monitor.  You can then easily search for names or topics of interest, adjust the size of the text or the brightness, etc., print it out or e-mail it to someone or save it to a portable device.  The Baldwin Area Historical Society will be demonstrating it and helping people learn how to use it during their History Nights (see item below) or make an appointment with our library staff to give it a try!