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General Programs


        Libraries are getting lots of calls about safe glasses.  We could not afford to buy lots of the expensive certified glasses to give away to all the people that might want them.   We do have a few pair here that people can use at the library in case the clouds open up at the right time, and we will share those among whoever is here every few minutes from about 12:45 to 1:15.   The moon will peak at about 85% coverage of the sun at about 1:09pm in Baldwin.   
         HOWEVER,  it's supposed to be thunder-storming in this area on Monday, Aug. 21st, so it might not be possible to see anything!   If you drive to southern MN it should be clearer, according to the map at   If it is clear here, or you go elsewhere and you can't find glasses, try making a pinhole projector!   Remember those from the '70s?  Those still work, and they are free!  Get instructions at: or has a video.
       I am encouraging people to go to to see details of their live-streaming it, as that might be your best option, regardless of the weather here.


"The Deadly Art of Mock Scrapes" - Sat. Sep. 9,  10:00 am

Fred Abbas, renowned deer hunter, coming to Baldwin

Popular online for his innovative hunting techniques
Co-host of TV's "A-Way Outdoors"
60 Whitetails registered, mostly bow
Has unique method of "talking" to the deer through scrapes
Will share deer-hunting secrets


DVD and Magazine Sale - begins Aug 23 and until supplies last

We are having a mini-sale for a couple days to share overstock:

Many popular DVDs in very good condition for $1.00 (from a big donation) and magazine issues for 10 cents each - quilt patterns, DIY and handyman, recipes, decorating ideas, homesteading, family, crafts, livestock, gardening, social issues and faith, etc.


 Would you like to try meditation?  (older kids, teens and adults)

  There was interest after the recent class in continuing a meditation experience.   We are thinking of doing that in the later fall.   Please call on a Tuesday evening and 
ask for Ivy if you are interested in being contacted about that.

According to Mayo Clinic, meditation may help with:   
Anxiety        Asthma         Cancer         Chronic pain        Depression   
    Heart disease         High blood pressure        Sleep problems
Irritable bowel syndrome            Tension headaches    

"The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to quiet the mind."

Caroline Myss


History Nights at the Library

Members of the Baldwin Area Historical Society will be at the library on the second Thursday of every month from 5-7pm to meet with any interested people about any topic of your choice.  Come anytime during that period and ask questions about searching for family history or history of a building in town, look at old photos and help identify them, learn about the new microfilm reader and how to find anything from old Baldwin Bulletin newspapers, learn about the 1940 census records newly opened to the public, etc.   Bring an item, a question, or just come and talk about history with others who love it too!   For more information call Leila at: 715-222-9485



 All are welcome to this fun socialization opportunity for home-schooled kids.  Bring any board games that you have, and your family.  We will have some games available here too.   It should be great fun!   During the fall and winter months we meet at the Baldwin Library on the first Wednesday of each month from 9:00 am until about 11:00am (library is not open at this time but the door will be open for this event).   In the summer we plan to meet outside.   Ask for more information if you are interested.


Lucky Day DVD copies

We have a program to help a little with the wait times for popular DVDs.  The MORE system has given permission for libraries to start a Lucky Day collection if
they want to, where they can buy an extra copy of a few really hot movies to keep in their library, only for their local patrons to check out.  The first copy must be available to
the whole system for circulating among everyone on the Holds List, but the second copy can be kept on the Lucky Day shelf at our library for whoever walks in to find them there!  You can only keep the DVD for 3 days, however, and no Holds can be placed on these copies as the purpose is to keep them moving quickly among all the people who want them. Right now we can only afford to buy a few movies at a time, but they are good ones, so check this shelf out next time you are in the library.  It might be your lucky day!


1000 Books before Kindergarten

The library has an exciting program called 1000 Books B4K.  Join this nationwide movement to promote early literacy by reading regularly to your baby or toddler.  Research shows that it’s never too early to start them loving books and it benefits them for the rest of their life. If the goal sounds high, think of it this way::  Read 1 book a day for 3 years = 1095, read 10 books a week for 2 years = 1040, Read 3 books a day for 1 year = 1095.  Register at the library and get your tracking sheets and more information.   Reading a same favorite book counts!  So does Storytime! When you read a book with your child, color in a circle on the balloon chart.  After every 100 sheet is filled, bring it to the library and a balloon with your child’s name will go up on our blue sky chart.  Prizes will be given at various intervals, but the best prize is a better life for your child!   Info: 715-684-3813.


Job Searching help from WI Workforce, they come to you!

On the third Thursday of each month, a Job Center expert come to the library to meet with anyone interested in job searching ideas, how to look online for jobs, how to type up a resume or check the one you have, interviewing tips,  etc.  If this time does not work for you, call toll-free to Aracely (emphasis on the “Cel”) at 888-258-9966 to make an appointment. You no longer need to get to a state workforce site, they are coming out to the local libraries to meet people now!

New Microfilm Scanner makes reading local history much easier

Through the generous donation of an anonymous local couple’s estate, and the hard work of the Friends of the Baldwin Library, we are pleased to announce we have purchased a ScanPro 3000 for our history room.  It does amazing things and should make it much easier for anyone to research their family history or the history of the area.  The system reads our collection of microfilm containing over 100 years of the Baldwin Bulletin newspaper and transfers it to a digital view on a big monitor.  You can then easily search for names or topics of interest, adjust the size of the text or the brightness, etc., print it out or e-mail it to someone or save it to a portable device.  The Baldwin Area Historical Society will be demonstrating it and helping people learn how to use it during their History Nights (see item below) or make an appointment with our library staff to give it a try!